A bit of honesty

Sometimes, I take myself too seriously.  And, boy, is that exhausting.

Seriously… trying to be impressive kind of sucks.  I mean, I’ve got high standards for myself, but there’s a point where it just gets to be too much.  All semester, it’s been one high-stress task after another.  Given that I’m a junior in all upper-level classes, it makes perfect sense, but it’s to the point where I’m in a bit over my depth.  So… here’s me coming clean.

Lately, I’ve been pushing myself to become a better blogger.  Why?  Because I’m sick of looking back at things I wrote six months ago and cringing.  I know some fantastic writers out there who produce high quality blogs, and I wanted to be like them.  But, recently, I’ve realized that trying to blog for an audience isn’t that fun.  With that has come a lot of doubts–doubt in my abilities, in my drive, in my desire to string words into sentences.  I’ve found that I post less and am less happy with what does make it past the little blue “Publish” button.  Perhaps I should stop trying to be something I’m not and go back to why I originally wanted to blog–because I simply love to write.

Here’s to dropping attempted pretentiousness and giving writing a fresh approach.  From here on out, I’m going to write because it makes me happy.  Feel free to come along!

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