Back to camp!

I like to stay on the move.  It’s just no fun staying in one place for too long.  After a couple of days of recovery from my Boston trip, I packed my bags once more and hit the road.  Destination: Camp Shamineau, one of my favorite places on the planet.  It’s my third year on staff and this year, I move from counselor to program staff.  My technical title is Day Camp Director.  After a few weeks of training, I will be spending the next couple months leading day camps around the state of Minnesota.  Every week I will be given a team of high school and collegiate staff and we will be sent to a church to run camp.  I’ll miss working directly with kids, and I’ll definitely miss being part of the goings on at main camp (games, friends, getting thrown in the lake, etc.)  But this a brand new experience, and I’m up for the challenge!

I arrived yesterday and, right away, we got to work inventing skits, learning the layout of storage spaces, driving camp vehicles, and getting everything prepared for this weekend’s retreat.  It’s Memorial Day Family Camp and we’re understaffed–only this year’s Program, the past year’s Interns, and a couple of volunteers are here.  Last night, we were working until one in the morning!  It’s exhausting, the camp life, but so incredibly worth it.  We get to hang out with kids and spread the love of Jesus Christ!  What better summer is there?

So, stay tuned for more camp adventures!  Posts may be infrequent at first, but since I’ll be in host families most of the summer, I should be able to write frequently.

Lake Shamineau, taken last summer

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