Return to School

This morning, I packed up everything I own into my little blue Honda civic and away I went.  Three and a half hours and one Caribou Cooler later, I was finally back in Morris, MN.

How do I feel about being back?

Well.  Let’s just say I’m pretty sure I already have Senior-itis and classes haven’t even started yet.  Symptoms include dread, dizziness, lack of excitement at being reunited with friends, occasional collapsing on the floor, and general apathy.  It’s been a struggle keeping a positive attitude.

The thing, though, about school starting is that it makes me look back on the past few months of my life.  And, DANG, I had a fantastic summer.  From planting two fields of strawberry plants by hand in the rain to a week in Boston with my beloved roommate to a wonderful summer of ministry at camp… Talk about great memories!

There are no words for how dearly I miss the people in that last photo.  Campsickness hit HARD last night as it finally sunk in that I won’t be going back.

The one thing keeping me going, though, is the knowledge that I’m just here for one more year.  Two more semesters, and I can finally go out into the world and serve God.  And, in the meantime, my goal is to impact the lives of as many people as I can during the next nine.  Because, frankly, my reputation isn’t really at stake.  I only have one year left.

Time to hit the books and get me a degree!

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