Straight from the circulation desk

Working at the library is akin to riding a bike.  No matter how much time has passed, the second you step behind the desk, all the rules and procedures come flooding back.  You don’t need to review how to check in and out books, handle interlibrary loans, or shelve according to the Library of Congress system.  Your body and mind remembers it, just as you remember how to drive or how to spell your own name.

There’s something incredibly peaceful about an empty library.  You stroll through the stacks, trailing your fingers over volumes upon volumes of beautiful old books.  You push your cart through the aisles, searching for the gap between  BS.4 and BS.45, feeling that rush of satisfaction as you press the book into its home.

During library shifts, your biggest worries are freshman not understanding printing and making sure you find time to do your shelf-reading.  When you’re not handling books, you’re talking with people and helping them figure things out.  More often than not, though, you’re sitting behind the circulation desk (as I am now) doing homework, pleasure reading, or blogging.

It’s a great life I lead.  And yes, it kind of sucks that my first shift of the year is a late-night closing shift, but hey.  I’m just glad to be back!

What job did you have in college?  Did you love it like me, or was it miserable?

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