The only daughter of an only daughter

Sometimes, I really suck at this whole being-a-girl thing.

You see, I’m an only daughter.  I never had a sister to teach me how to put on makeup or braid my hair.  You may be wondering why I didn’t ask my mom for help in these areas.  The problem is, my mom is also an only daughter.  My grandma before her too was the only girl.  Surrounded by nothing but brothers, women of my family tree have to put up with men all the time.  As long as I knew her, my grandma wore her hair short.  As long as I’ve been alive, my mom has also had short hair.  I usually have short hair too.  Its current state is the longest it’s been since I was twelve.

I don’t know how to braid my own hair.  Lately, I’ve been trying and the results have not been good.  Usually, they result with me giving up in frustration.  However, I realized a few days ago the process works works much better when my hair is wet.  On Wednesday, I was able to rock a braid all day long!  It was fantastic!  Yesterday, though, I tried the same thing only to have a large chunk come loose just as I walked into my only class of the day.  Dejected, I had to run to the bathroom to take it all out before the professor arrived.  As a result, my hair was wet and floppy looking all of class.

I’m really not one to care about my physical appearance.  I go to the gym regularly for the sake of having a healthy lifestyle, but I never wear makeup.  When I dress each morning, I select clothing based on what is comfortable or what I feel like wearing.

But, for goodness sake, the fact that I’m a twenty-two year old college student struggling to braid my own hair is incredibly frustrating!

Maybe I need to do a Google search or something.  There has to be someone on YouTube who has made an instructional video.

New goal: Master the art of braiding before graduation.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get there someday.

One thought on “The only daughter of an only daughter

  1. Britta December 12, 2014 / 11:54 am

    I can totally relate to this. My mother (who has one sister who is quite a few years younger than her and three brothers) has never been one for doing hair. So, I took the initiative to do my own hair when I was little. I went to school with some pretty strange hairstyles in my elementary school days.

    Needless to say, there’s a reason I’ve had short hair since about eighth grade. 🙂

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