Pleasant Valley Thursday: Pumpkin Prep

We planted pumpkins, squash, and gourds last week!

Because it was pouring rain outside, we planted them indoors.  It made for a fun day with all kinds of luxuries, like the simple joy of being indoors and being able to listen to the radio.  You can see us working and the finished product below:

My favorite thing about planting pumpkins are the names of all the varieties.  You don’t usually think about the fact that there are different kinds of pumpkins–but there are!  And they all have amazing names!  The kind we plant the most of is called Aladdin–a standard, medium-sized, orange beauty.  Other varieties are called all kinds of wacky things like Super Herc, Apollo, Knucklehead, Moonshine, Field Trip, Flatso, and Gargoyle (to name a few).  Many of the specialty pumpkins are developed in France and have names like Gabaux D’Eysine, Rouge Vif D’Etampes, and Mosque De Provence.  My personal favorite is a variety of gourd called Yugoslavian Fingers.

At least once a day we water all the plants.  This morning, they started to sprout!  We’ll be moving them outside to grow within the next few days and, as soon as they’re big enough, transplant them into the field.

Other Jobs This Week:

  • Prep pumpkin fields (pull out all drip lines and plastic)
  • Hand pull weeds (finished 2 strawberry fields)
  • Hoe new strawberries
  • Mow everything around barns
  • Clean high tunnel
  • Fertilize all strawberry fields
  • Distribute slug bait to all strawberry fields

Low: While putting slug bait in the fields this afternoon, we had to wear long pants, boots, and rubber gloves.  It wouldn’t have been very bad, but it was HOT.  You can’t help but sweat and this accumulates in your rubber globes, makes your fingers wrinkly, and runs down your arms when you raise them.  YUCK.

High: After we got done weeding this morning, we stopped by the apple shed to find my dad with raspberry lemonade and donut holes from the local bakery!  Also, we had another rain day, which was quite pleasant.

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