The Final Stretch

After being on the road for a month, living out of a suitcase and staying in hostels, the thought of going home is strange.
It’s bliss to imagine all the comforts of home: Understanding the language, sleeping in the same bed for more than a few nights, not having strangers coming in and out at odd hours while I sleep, actually eating regular meals… The list goes on.

I’m sorry to not have posted more during my trip. Wifi along the way has been unreliable and I’m often too tired by the day’s end to do anything but collapse and read. Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep a journal, so all the memories are preserved. I’ve taken so many photos and have so many stories from my travels to share with you all.

I only have a few days left of my European adventures. Where did the time go? Tomorrow, I fly back to London. I have one day in the city, then make the long journey back to Minnesota on Friday. I really have no idea what is going happen when I get home. My mental timeframe only goes until Friday. What’s coming will come and, as I usually do, I’ll figure that out when I get to it. All my mental efforts are currently focused on this final stretch.

The next time I post, I’ll be home. Weird. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of me in Prague:

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