Weekend Coffee Share: Neighborhood Wedding

If we were having coffee, we’d be meeting in my living room.  We’d be meeting in the morning and I’d be bleary-eyed, mussy-haired, and still in my pajamas.  I’d sit in the big chair in the corner with a steaming cup of tea.  Despite just waking up, I would do my best to make you feel welcome.  Is there anything I can get you?  Tea?  Coffee?  Maybe some toast?

If we were having coffee, you’d know that I am in for a very busy June.  Already, every weekend is pencilled in with plans and events… and the past couple of days have been no exception!

Work got rained out again on Friday, so instead I went to the nursery and helped my mom pick out flowers for her garden.  (I always forget how much I love flowers–the colors, the shapes, the smells.  Maybe someday, when I have my own house, I’ll take up gardening.)  After this task was done, we utilized the free movie passes we get every month to see Me Before You.  It was a sad movie–true to the book.  Emilia Clarke was splendid as Louisa and Sam Claflin played the sardonic Will to a tee (and I thoroughly enjoyed all the closeups of his beautifully sculpted face.)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about the wedding I attended last night!  It took place in this beautiful renovated barn just half a mile down the road from where I live.  The bride, Johanna, is from the neighborhood–the older sister of my childhood best friend.  She worked at my family’s orchard from the age of thirteen to twenty-three and is someone I know as well as my own family.

The wedding itself was beautiful–outdoors along the outskirts of the woods.  The rain managed to hold off until after the ceremony.  It didn’t start pouring until the I-dos were said and we were all safely indoors.  It was definitely a strange group of people–neighbors that I forgot we had, high school peers I haven’t seen in years, and childhood friends.  My older brother and Johanna were both in the University of Minnesota Marching Band, so instead of hanging out with the neighborhood kids, he hung out with his college buddies.

The reception had a rocky start.  For some reason, my family was placed in the back corner by the DJ.  We couldn’t see the high table and the music was so loud we could hardly hold a conversation.  When it came time to eat, we were the last table allowed to get food… and they were out of meat.  Still, what came after washed away any insult there.

My family scattered after the meal.  My older brother joined his college buddies, my younger brother went home, and I hit the dance floor.  Now that the official portions of the event were over, I could freely hang out with the bride’s sisters, with whom I am close.  It was funny to see how they both reacted to the event.  Exhausted after fourteen months of wedding planning with a bridezilla sister, they let loose in different ways.  The bridesmaid sister went crazy on the dance floor and the Maid of Honor went crazy with the alcohol.  Both responses made for good company!  Along with their Russian cousin, we spent hours and hours dancing, laughing, and enjoying occasional shots.

Normally, I don’t put a lot of effort into my appearance.  I’m the throw-on-clothes and leave kind of person.  But for this event, I went all-out.  I wore a nice dress that showed off my figure (which I purchased for $6 at Goodwill!), curled my hair, and covered my face in makeup.  I learned that I can actually pull off red lipstick–something I’ve never before attempted.  It was definitely worth the extra effort.  Most days, I go about feeling a bit uncomfortable in my body–too round, too bulky, too awkward.  Last night, though, I felt beautiful.  There were some people who didn’t even recognize me!  My old day care lady was amazed at how grown-up I’ve become.  There was a couple there who I knew when I was little–we were in a Swedish dancing troupe together, but they were graduated high school when I was ten and I haven’t seen them since.  They didn’t realize who I was until the Maid of Honor introduced me and their mouths practically dropped.  The lady goes, “Wait… you’re Amelia?  Little Amelia from Swedish dance?!  You’re gorgeous!”  I don’t want to come across as vain or shallow, but it did feel good to feel lovely.  It felt good to have my brother’s college buddies go out of their way to introduce themselves to me, calling my brother an idiot for not doing so already.  (The Russian cousin later told me bluntly, “They think you’re hot.”)  I’m not going to let the compliments, flattery, and attention go to my head.  But indulging in such things for just one night was so much fun.

If we were having coffee, you’d know that I’ll soon be leaving the house again.  I’m spending the day at a street festival in St. Paul with some college friends.  I’m back in my normal t-shirt, shorts, flannel, and makeup-less face and am really looking forward to a summer day in the city.  It’s supposed to be a beautiful day!

Okay, I think that’s enough from me.  Let’s turn things over to you.  What would you share over coffee?

This post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share link up at Part Time Monster


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Neighborhood Wedding

  1. bettylouise31 June 5, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    It sounds like a lovely wedding and a lot of fun you. I love flowers so going to a nursery would be fun.

    • Amelia June 5, 2016 / 8:40 pm

      It was a lot of fun! The flowers are all so beautiful. 🙂

  2. mebeki June 5, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Great post! I really like the format..I just checked out Part Time Monster and I think I’ll try my hand at the weekend coffee share next week.

    Anyway, I’m happy you had such a nice (and eventful) week!

    • Amelia June 6, 2016 / 6:08 pm

      Thanks!! Definitely join the coffee shares! It’s such a fun, chatty format that really helps share bits of your life with readers. 🙂

  3. brittabottle June 5, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    I’m so glad you had a lovely time at the wedding, Amelia, and felt beautiful. It’s always a lovely feeling to feel beautiful–and doesn’t hurt when other people notice, too. 🙂 I just read an article today about how women who don’t wear make up to work get paid less–which I just thought was ridiculous. I wear make up for myself–because it helps me feel more ready for the day–but I’m also perfectly comfortable without it. What I wear and what I put on my face shouldn’t be anyone else’s business as long as I’m comfortable!
    This week has been rather low key for me. So much so that I didn’t bother writing a coffee share. I’m getting bored and restless at home, and when I’m bored and restless I tend to think too much and get worked up about unnecessary things. I applied for a couple jobs and I’m hoping to make my move soon, though I don’t have a specific date planned yet.

    • Amelia June 6, 2016 / 7:01 pm

      Thanks, as always, Britta, for the lovely comment! Makeup is such an interesting conversation to have. I remember when all the girls started wearing it in middle school. All of a sudden, they HATED their natural faces. I didn’t want to become like that–I wanted to think my natural face was beautiful, so I decided not to get into the habit. But it’s not a bad thing–I like your reasons for wearing it. I can definitely see how it’s a step that helps you feel ready to face the day. It’ll probably become like that for me too, once I have a full time job. I’ve definitely outgrown my reason for not wearing it, but these days it’s still not worth the extra effort. 🙂

      Sorry to hear that you’re getting bored at home! I definitely relate to overthinking things when in that state. Best of luck with the ensuing job search! I’m sure something will come up soon. 🙂

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