Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Being a Hufflepuff

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they suggest a new theme with a list for bloggers to choose from.  This week’s category: Ten Reasons I Love X.  It’s pretty broad, so I decided to go with the top ten reasons I love my Hogwarts house.

Ten Reasons I Love Being a Hufflepuff

1.) We’re loyal and support to our friends, no matter what.

2.) We work hard.  We may not be the smartest or the bravest, but what we lack in those areas, we more than make up for in work ethic.

3.) We’re accepting of others.  The Sorting Hat says that Helga Hufflepuff “I’ll teach the lot and treat them all the same”.  A lot of people take this to mean that we’re a bunch of pushovers.  But I’ve always taken this for acceptance.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what your skills are–all people deserve to be treated with equal dignity and respect.

4.) According to BuzzFeed, we’re the kindest people around.

5.) When you meet a fellow Badger, it’s like you’re instant friends.  It’s sometimes not socially cool to be a Hufflepuff.  When I declared my house allegiance when I was fourteen, my Gryffindor-obsessed classmates thought I was insane.  Although it’s gotten more acceptable to be a Hufflepuff, we’re still pretty rare.  I’ve found that, because of this, most of my fellow housemates are just as loyal and proud of their house as I, giving us a special bond.

6.) We’ve got Cedric Diggory–the TRUE Hogwarts champion.  (May he rest in peace. Every time I read Goblet of Fire, I still get depressed.  He was so young.)

7.) We’ve got Tonks

8.) We’re particularly good finders9524f7f3bad610f3c5529803e57627aa 

9.) John Green is a Hufflepuff


10.) We’re J.K. Rowling’s favorite house.

BONUS: This video also exists and, although it’s not exactly flattering to Hufflepuffs, is still pretty funny.


Thanks for reading!  What is your Hogwarts house?  What do you love about it?


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Being a Hufflepuff

  1. Caitlin Stern June 7, 2016 / 5:54 pm

    I got Hufflepuff too, which I didn’t expect–but I can see how it fits me. And badgers are pretty ferocious, for sure. My TTT

  2. Crazy Colorful Turtle June 8, 2016 / 7:17 am

    Guess what? I’m a Hufflepuff, too! 🙂 I love how genuinely accepting Hufflepuffs are and how they become the strongest they can be for people they love.

    • Amelia June 8, 2016 / 6:35 pm

      Yay for fellow Hufflepuffs!

  3. gotmybook2 June 9, 2016 / 1:39 am

    It’s great when you can not only accept others, but accept yourself as well.


  4. Katie June 11, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    I’m a Hufflepuff too!

  5. sunshineandcyclones June 29, 2016 / 3:58 am

    i wrote an articale about it , check it out

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