Weekend Coffee Share: I’M EMPLOYED!!

If we were having coffee, we’d be sitting on a blanket in the grass soaking in the sunshine.  Even though it’s August now, it’s not unbearably hot and I am loving it.  The air is fresh, the sky is blue, and the company is good!  What is better?

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I GOT A JOB!  The hunt has ended and my first foray into post-college employment is beginning.  I’m the new librarian at a tiny public library in a small town located an hour from where I live.  Although I’ve been working in libraries in some shape or form since the age of eighteen, I don’t have experience being behind the helm, so there is a lot to learn.  Although the location itself isn’t super ideal, I’m excited about the opportunity.  This is a very solid career move.  I can spend the next few years doing online grad school and, when done, I’ll not only have a Masters in Library Science, but three years of on-the-ground experience.

I hope to come out with a post sometime this week with my thoughts about my job search, my new position, and goals for the future.  Stay tuned for that!

If we were having coffee, I’d also gush about getting to see my friend Jenny today.  We’ve been close friends since our freshman year of college and, after a few months working, decided to become an elementary school English teacher in Japan.  So, despite frequent Facebook messages and occasional Skype calls, I haven’t seen her in two years!

img_3975Because she’s only home for a short while, we planned a meet-up with several of our other college friends.  We ended up spending most of the day together.  We started at this place called the Tii Cup, which has all kinds of interesting teas and international drinks.  After a few hours, we migrated to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Then, we spent an hour wandering around a second hand shop, and finished the day at Jenny’s house.  It was so good to be with friends.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about the Olympics!  The opening and closing ceremonies are always a highlight for me.  We live in such a messed up world filled with so much violence, conflict, and hate.  But then, there’s the Olympic Games where, for a few short weeks, the world comes together to compete.  I don’t really like sports, but love the symbolism.  Watching the athletes enter in the Parade of Nations last night, I was deeply moved.  I see the Olympics as a celebration of what it means to be human–how, despite all our differences, there is so much that we all have in common.  I know that these games have been very controversial with all the political upheaval in Brazil, but beautiful diversity of our shared humanity is still there.  Despite not being a sports fan, I’m excited to watch the competition over the next few weeks.  During the summer games, I love watching swimming, beach volleyball, and gymnastics.

It’s time to turn things over to you.  How was your week?  What is going on in your life?  What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: I’M EMPLOYED!!

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:10 pm

      Thank you!!

  1. thecoffeebeanbrain August 6, 2016 / 9:52 pm

    Congratulations on being employed! The library is always a haven for me and I wish we have more of it from where I live. I hope you have a great time working there and best of luck with pursuing online grad school.

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:10 pm

      Thanks! I’ve always loved libraries too and am really excited to spend my working days in them. 🙂

  2. bettylouise31 August 7, 2016 / 1:57 am

    Congratulations on your job and good luck with it. Too bad the spirit of the Olympics no longer means well. Too many problems. I guess that is true in most things.

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:11 pm

      Thank you, Betty! 🙂

  3. imaginativeworks August 7, 2016 / 8:43 am

    Love your title! I have signed up to follow your blog in the deep hopes to learn more about your career as a Librarian, so I do hope you post a bit about it in the future. I have always thought if I switched careers that it would be something I would love to do, something of a dream job. Congratulations to you. Great post, and thank you for sharing.

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:12 pm

      Thanks so much for the comment and deciding to follow my blog! I’m very excited to be on the cusp of a librarian career–it’s definitely a dream job for a lot of people. I’ll most likely be writing about my experiences as I go along. 🙂

  4. brittabottle August 7, 2016 / 10:24 am

    This is so exciting, Amelia! Looking forward to seeing how this job of yours pans out…congrats! Also, how lovely that you got to see Jenny. I’ll always remember when she had me over a few times for her magnificant coffee in Morris. She’s a special one, that one. How great to have been able to see her and other college friends!

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:15 pm

      Thanks, Britta! It’s taken over a year to get to the point where I’ve been ready for a full-time adult job and I’m so thankful to finally be exiting transition-land.
      How have things been going in your corner of the country with job and apartment hunting? I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and have been on the lookout for news in the Coffee Share, but haven’t seen anything.

      • brittabottle August 8, 2016 / 5:44 pm

        So excited to follow this new part of your journey! How exciting to have a job where you’re surrounded by books everyday. 🙂

        Ah, I’ve been in crazy transition. Last week, I moved with the Morris grad I’ve been staying with to HER new apartment and was without wifi all week there—hence my absence in the blogosphere. I have, since, moved into DC proper (yesterday, actually) and am on the hunt for more of a big kid job now that I’m settled (coffee shop has been great, but am only work part time with minimum wage pay). I’ll highlight all the details of these past few weeks in this week’s coffee share–which I will make sure to take part in!

  5. Nancy August 7, 2016 / 5:50 pm

    Congrats on your job! Yay for spending the day surrounded by books-my idea of heaven! It’s cool that you were able to catch up with your college friend. I have a cousin who teaches in Japan also, and even though she loves it, she looks forward to her trips home. My week was quite busy. I did publish a Coffee Share post but didn’t finish it in time to link up. Stop by and check it out if you have a chance: https://4wallsnaroof.wordpress.com

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:17 pm

      Thanks, Nancy! I’m really excited about being around books all the time and getting others excited about them too. I’ll be sure to check out your Coffee Share post! 🙂

  6. Tori August 7, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    Congratulations on your new job! How exciting! I’m glad you were able to catch up with your friend too. It’s always great to see friends, especially those who live far away. I have a friend teaching English in Japan as well. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to see her in person again, but I do enjoy getting updates from her online.

    To answer your question, last week was… strange, for lack of a better word. I lost my grandfather, but also found out I have two job interviews this coming week. It feels strange to be preparing for a funeral and job interviews at the same time.

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:22 pm

      Thanks, Tori! It’s amazing how many people I’ve met lately who know people teaching in Japan. It seems to be a popular thing to do.
      It’s amazing how big things seem to happen all at once. I know how that goes–my grandma passed away on top of college midterms one year and I had to take several huge tests before allowed to go home for the funeral. I’m very sorry to hear about your grandfather and hope that you’re able to spend time with family during this time. I also hope that you are able to prepare for the interviews and that they go well.

  7. Suvi August 8, 2016 / 2:44 am

    Yay, congrats on your new job! Such great news. Lovely meet up with your friend too, it’s sad when someone lives so far away but thank goodness for today’s technology 😀

    • Amelia August 8, 2016 / 5:23 pm

      Thanks, Suvi! I’m really looking forward to spending every day surrounded by books. And yes, thank goodness for technology! These days, it feels like all my friends live in other parts of the world. I don’t know what I’d do without email and Skype. 🙂

    • Amelia August 13, 2016 / 1:59 pm

      Thank you!! 🙂

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