Weekend Coffee Share 8/27/17

If we were having coffee, I’d be curled up in a heavy sweater drinking lemon ginger tea.  I’ve been fighting off a cold for the past few days and, today, it took a turn for the worse.  You might not want to get too close.

It’s crazy that we’re in the final gasps of summer!  Where did the time go?

I missed the coffee share last weekend due to being out of town.  My mom and I attended a retreat with a church we’ve been attending recently.  In a lot of ways, the retreat was really awkward.  We only knew a few people and neither of us are good in large groups of people.  In other ways, though, it was a really great experience.  It was really nice to get away from home–the retreat was held at a camp by a lake, which was lovely.  They brought in a Bible scholar from a university in Chicago do lead the teaching.  He talked a lot about the original Hebrew version of the texts, which was fascinating!  Through forced group games and breakout sessions, I did get to know a few people.  And, this past week, one of their pastors texted me and invited me out for lunch!  I’m meeting up with her tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to.

Work this week was busy.  On Tuesday, I had a programming double-header, which was absolutely exhausting.  In the afternoon, I hosted a class on genealogy research, which was taught by some of my library colleagues.  It was a full group–every computer was taken.  Then, I had about an hour to turn the room around for this month’s Lego Club.

My cold has thrown a wrench in my weekend plans.  After having a fever most of Thursday and sleeping eleven hours, I ended up calling into work sick Friday morning.  I ended up working the afternoon shift anyway, since I couldn’t find a sub.  I felt better on Saturday and attended a wedding, but overextended myself.  I’m now suffering the consequences.


The wedding was definitely worth it, though.  It was for one of my camp friends, appropriately, and took place at an old logging camp in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin.  It poured rain all afternoon, so the ceremony took place under a canopy on the main lodge’s back deck.  I only knew one person outside of the bride, so I brought a friend.  There was a huge gap between the ceremony and reception and no where to go, so we played board games with a group of the bride’s college friends, who were all lovely.

I’ve got a busy week ahead, but I’ll tell you all about it over coffee next weekend.  How has your week been?  What would you share over coffee?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Part Time Monster. 

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