2018 Reading Challenge

One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 was to step up my reading statistics game.  I’ve been keeping track of numbers on my Goodreads account since 2011, but wanted to do more.

This year, I’m carefully monitoring everything I read.  For every book I complete, I record its title, author, page number, my rating, and some of my initial thoughts.

At the end of each month, I make a list with the amount of books read, pages read, longest and shortest books, books with the highest and lowest ratings, how many were audiobooks, and how many were rereads.  This gives me a sense of the volume, scope, and format of what I’m reading.

Once a month, I will publish one large blog post with all my statistics.  Honestly, these posts are mostly for myself.  They keep me focused and on task and they keep me from sliding completely out of the blogging sphere.

Some notes on my stats:

  • Audiobooks are included in total page count.  It takes me longer to listen to a book than read it, so I count them
  • My ratings are on a 5-star system and are ridiculously subjective
  • This list is pleasure-reading only, so anything I read for grad school doesn’t count

Why am I keeping all these statistics?  For one thing, I think it’s fun.  At the end of 2018, I’ll have a comprehensive list of everything I read and what I thought about each book.  For another, it’s helping me think more critically about the books I read.  Because I’m a graduate student, I’m not reading a lot of heavy literature for fun.  But that is no excuse not to actively think about the stories I consume.  I miss being an English major and this project helps me reflect on things like writing quality, format, story composition, character development, world building, etc.  It also helps me recognize where I get lazy as a reader and what gets me excited about a story.

My posts for this challenge have become more elaborate as the months have progressed.  If you feel like exploring them, feel free to do so:

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