New Year, New Semester: A Brief Update

A New Years post at the end of January?  Amelia, shouldn’t you have posted this weeks ago?  Yes, yes I should have.  However, life, school, and laziness has kept me away from my blog.  Better late than never, right?

My second semester of graduate school is underway and I’m sitting here wondering, WHERE did my winter break go?!  And why didn’t I do any writing during my time off?!

Since I’ve been hard-core neglecting my blog, here’s a brief recap of things in Amelia land:

  • I finished my first semester of grad school just before the holidays and managed straight A’s!
  • The holidays were a busy, but wonderful time with family
  • I applied and interviewed for a librarian position within my current system that is much closer to where I live, but didn’t get it.  When the choice is between you and a former library director with 30 years of experience, there’s not much of a choice.  But, since breaking the bad news to me, my supervisor has asked me to be on a number of new committees, which is exciting!
  • I read a ridiculous amount of books
  • I spent a wonderful weekend at a friend’s cabin in northern Wisconsin

Since I haven’t written anything since New Years… I’d like to share some of my hopes/resolutions for 2018.  I’m not one for concrete goals, but dreaming about possibilities is one of the things that makes the turning of the years appealing.  It feels weird talking about this at the end of January, but better late than never!

I think 2018 will be a year of working, of waiting, and of hoping.  This year, I hope to continue the positive track I’m on.  I’ll be in my current job for the foreseeable future, have many semesters of school to complete, and likely will continue living with my parents.  So this year, I want to continue putting my best into my work, my studies, and my relationships.  I’d like to work on pursuing a healthy lifestyle and cultivating my love of the outdoors.  I want to be better at being intentional in my friendships in the little ways–remembering birthdays, sending notes, etc.

This year, I’m implementing a small change in my reading life.  Usually, I track all my reading through a special Goodreads shelf.  While I’m doing this again, this year I’m taking it to another level by keeping a physical reading journal.  In this journal, I’m tracking a number of stats.  I’m numbering my entries to track books finished, noting the name, author, and page count.  I’m also recording my personal rating (using the 5 star system) and my brief thoughts about the book.  I’m splitting the entries into months to track stats that way.

At the end of each month, I hope to do a recap blog post where I share the books from my list, my thoughts and rating, and my total page count.  With the end of January around the corner, you can expect that post sometime in the week ahead.

How has 2018 been treating you so far?  Do you have any hopes, goals, or resolutions this year?


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Semester: A Brief Update

  1. jessplainsong January 28, 2018 / 3:50 pm

    With these book tracking sites, what do you see as their purpose? I’m on Goodreads but the only use I’m finding is for making sure I’ve already read the book;not doubling up. You?

    • Amelia January 28, 2018 / 10:29 pm

      I really love Goodreads! As I get deeper into the online bookish community, I’ve found my appreciation for the site growing. When I first joined back in 2011, I just used it to keep track of what books I read on a yearly basis and track what my friends were reading. Now, I lean more heavily on it. I now follow people I don’t know because I like their taste. Before starting a new book, I usually check it’s Goodreads page and scan through reviews to see what others are saying. They give me a good sense of weather I’ll like it or not. I also use the “to read” shelf to keep track of upcoming releases that I want to put holds on at the library. I also sort my reads by genre, which has come in handy at times.

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