Regular Features

In this menu, you can find pages of the regular features found on Keep Your Feet.

On the Shelf: Using the title from my previous book-themed posts, every Thursday I will be discussing various books.  Now that I have my degree, my reading is no longer constrained by professors and classwork.  I’ve got a massive pile of books in my room that I’m just itching to touch.  Each week in this feature, I’ll provide a brief summary of the text, rate it on a five-star scale, and discuss my thoughts/experience.

Sketchbook Corner: I’m a self-taught artist and, whenever enough piles up, I share my work on the blog.  This feature isn’t regular, but you don’t want to miss it!  My main mediums are pencils and watercolors.

Weekend Coffee Share: Every weekend, I participate in a blogging challenge where you write a post as if sharing a cup of coffee with your readers.  These posts are informal, fun ways to discuss personal, non blogging life and get involved with my audience.

Month in Review: At the end of each month, I’ve decided to pause and look back, focusing on three areas: Blogging, Books, and Life.  I feel like this is a good step towards regularity–it’s a way to look back on my blogging habits and find ways of improving.  It’s also a good way to help position myself in life.  By reflecting on where I’ve been, I can figure out where I’m going–a theme at the heart of what Keep Your Feet is all about.

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