Tis the Season Guest Post: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Today’s Tis the Season post comes from a special guest! Join me in welcoming Shannon from If You Captured Your Life in Snapshots, What Would it Look Like?.  She was kind enough to share her favorite holiday traditions.  I love her list and hope you do to!  Thank you so much, Shannon, for contributing!



Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. There’s just something so magical about the season that no matter what part of the world you live in, the goodwill is infectious.

From the moment you spot that first snowflake or that first piece of tinsel, you’re grinning like a kid on Christmas Day. The first Christmas carol in December has you humming under your breath all day and the moment Advent starts, you start begging your mom and favorite aunt to sneak you some sweets. Christmas cheer is all around and you can’t help but pass it on.

For me, the best part of Christmas has always been the traditions. There are those that have been observed in your family for generations (like Midnight Mass or making boxes of sweets to send to your neighbors), those that seem more habit than tradition (like not hanging your decorations until the last weekend of Advent) and then there are those that you decide to adopt for one Christmas.

No matter what traditions you decide to follow, each of those little traditions adds something to the festive magic of the season. Each tradition makes the season infinitely more special and unique to you.

Some of my favorite Christmas traditions are:

  1. Decorating my house on 23rd – That one day when everyone steps out of their bustling lives and gathers together to decide how the house should look
  2. Advent Calendar – This is one tradition my Mom drummed into me when I was younger. Our calendar didn’t just count down the days to Christmas but worked as a Good Deed checklist as well. We got to choose what image we wanted to draw for calendar – stockings, candles, holly etc. If you did a good deed for that day, you got to color that day’s image in. Two good deeds equaled two colors for that day and so on and so forth.
  3. Cuddling up in front of the TV to watch Home Alone 2 – This is one of my Dad’s favorite Christmas movies
  4. Taking a walk around the neighborhood to admire the decorations, the lights, the community cribs etc.
  5. Last minute shopping – Even though I finish my Christmas shopping months before, I love browsing through the shops for last minute small gifts. You never know what treasures you may spot through the bustle 🙂
  6. Getting ready for Midnight Mass – If you have any siblings, you’d probably understand the attraction. There’s something about the craziness of that moment when everyone’s scrambling to get presentable that endears itself to me. It’s a moment for excitement, for confusion, for gossip, for resolutions and for good cheer.
  7. Sleeping under the Christmas tree – This one needs no explanation. There’s nothing better than watching those vibrant hues dance above you as you slowly drift off, comfy cozy under a warm blanket.

What are some of you favorite Christmas traditions?

Tis the Season is an annual holiday-themed series on Keep Your Feet.  The goal is to bring the blogging community together to celebrate holiday memories and traditions.

Tis the Season Day 1: Ugly Ornaments

Every year, my family goes to one of the local Christmas tree farms and picks out a tree.  When I was little, in order to mark what ones we liked, my parents used my brothers and I as living markers.  We’d be told to stand by certain trees as they went off to look at more.

Since we are all in or beyond college, picking out the tree as a family no longer happens. But decorating said tree?  We go all out.

You see, we have this massive box of Christmas ornaments.  Most of them have been around as long as I have been alive.  (Or longer.)  Most of them are also hideous.  There’s some caroling rats with fez hats, large wooden fish, floppy quilted angels, weird crocheted candy canes, and even a sand dollar with a tree painted on it.

When we were little, Mom was crafty.  Wanting the tree to look elegant and socially presentable, she hid all the ugly ornaments, omitting them from the options.  Being small children, my brothers and I never noticed.  As time passed, though, Mom was unable to get her hands on the ornaments soon enough and they were discovered.  It wasn’t long before we began sneaking them onto the Christmas tree.  At first, it was only a few a year.  Their appearances grew more and more frequent as we aged. By high school, my brothers and I were in charge of decorating the tree by ourselves.  Without parental supervision, decorating became a game.  As we dragged the massive box of ornaments from the basement, we gave each other mischievous smiles.  How many ugly ornaments could we get away with this year? How much can we piss Mom off and still get presents?

Last night, my little brother and I played the yearly Ugly Ornaments game. We were home alone with No one to hold us back. We went covered every of that tree. It’s a monstrosity! Sam and I are so proud.

Later, when Mom walked into the house after work, she looks at us and goes, “How many ugly ornaments will I have to sneak off the tree this year?”

I smiled.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


What are your family traditions regarding decorating the tree?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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