Sketchbook Corner 3

It’s been a few weeks, so time for another edition of Sketchbook Corner!

Class Doodles:

IMG_3299Because I have the tendency to draw pretty girls with pretty hair in the margins of my notebooks when professors are lecturing.

Sketchbook drawings:

I need to do something with my hands when sitting around for extended periods of time, such as while watching movies or sitting around with friends.  I’ve been re-watching The Office, so there’s some Jim & Pam (also known as one of the greatest t.v. romances of all time), as well as more pretty ladies with pretty hair.  (Can you sense a theme?)


This past week, I was given a new set of paintbrushes!  I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but I’m looking forward to giving them a shot.  As you can see, I’ve been experimenting with landscapes and hope to be expanding my horizons in that area in the future.

That concludes this edition of Sketchbook Corner!  I post one of these features every few weeks.  As soon as I have enough doodles and sketches to make a post, I do so.  The feature is still a work in progress, so bear with me as I find a style that fits.

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(All art posted in this feature belongs to me, DO NOT USE ON OTHER SITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.)


Sketchbook Corner 2

I bring you another edition of my Sketchbook Corner, this time with some doodles from class notebooks and some watercolor paintings I’ve been working on.  The paintings were both done on the same night, a particularly lonely Friday where I found myself in a creative frenzy, supplemented by a BBC miniseries.

Before now, watercolor was an uncharted artistic medium.  I’ve loved getting the hang of it!  At the moment, I’m a bit limited in what I can explore because I only have one small paintbrush.  More brushes (and paint, for that matter) is on my Christmas list.

A return to digital art

When watching a movie or listening to a lecture, I like to have something to do with my hands.  Someone once told me to take up knitting so I’d be doing something useful.  But I’m dreadful with those needles.  So, instead, I do art!

Mostly, I draw and doodle in my sketchbook.  Lately, I’ve been teaching myself water colors.  A few years ago, I got a Wacom tablet and learned how to make digital art.  I have a DeviantArt account where I post things, but I often don’t have the drive or patience do more than sketch in Photoshop.

Last week, though, I managed to create my first digital painting in over a year!  I thought I’d share it with you.


Who is this lovely lady?  My muse goes by the name Claire Beauchamp, heroine of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  I recently read the first two books and have been watching the t.v. show, so Claire was fresh in my mind.

I’m thinking about regularly posting photos of my drawings and doodles on here.  Would you like more art?  Or should I just stick to writing?