If you stick around long enough, they give you cake

Last night was the long-awaited Senior Banquet, the chance for the university to lavish all its love on this year’s graduating class.  Many people were extremely excited for the event, but honestly, I had forgotten about it until only a few days before.  Oops.

Although the banquets put on by my university in London were much more lavish, it was an enjoyable event.  We had the opportunity to get our photos taken for our LinkdIn profiles.  The meal was catered by Sodexo.  The food itself, though, was much better than what is provided in the Dining Hall.  Thank goodness!  We had a tasty meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and salad.

After everyone had been served, our Student Body President and Chancellor gave speeches and the Alumni Association tried to get us to buy little bricks with our names on them.  (Yeah… not doing that.)

Here’s a photo of my roommate (who runs the blog The Happy Lifeaholic) and I at the event!



Despite feeling socially drained afterwards, I enjoyed the banquet.  It’s always nice to get dressed up.  It also goes to show that if you stay in one place long enough, they give you cake.

And cake is glorious.