Finals have arrived

Last night, I had a dream I met Barack Obama.  I’m taking this as a sign that finals will go well.

After a wonderful weekend of hanging out with friends, studying, and praising Jesus, it’s time to tackle those tests.  The next couple days are going to be busy.  With extra library shifts, study sessions, exams, packing for break, and saying goodbye to friends who won’t be here next semester, I’m expecting the time to pass quickly.

What have I got in terms of tests?

Today I take my Visual Journalism final.  It shouldn’t be too bad.  It’s open book, open note because the professor never talked about any of the assigned readings in class.  Half the test will be on these readings and the other half will be activity-based.  We will be given a story prompt and will have to describe how we go out and capture it.  Studying for this involves organizing all the information available and knowing where to find things.

Tomorrow is the Grammar & Language final.  This is probably the hardest test I’ve had thus far in college.  We’ll be tested on the complete history of the English language, tracing the phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexicon from Old, Middle, Early Modern, Modern, to present day English.  It’s a LOT of information.  I started studying last Thursday and have been nosing my way into various study groups with classmates.  It’ll be challenging, but I think it will go well.

That’s it!  Two exams stand between me and a month off.  Let’s do this.

If you’re in the midst of finals right now, best of luck!  What are some of your coping mechanisms?

Verbal Hashtags

I’m currently in the throes of writing a first draft for my final Grammar & Language essay.  The assignment is to write a long paper on a particular use of the English language, making a claim and defending it using the grammar rules we have learned throughout the semester.

My essay is on the way hashtags have made the jump from Twitter to everyday conversations.  For example, a friend came up to me and said, “I’m like hashtag blessed all the time”.  Why is this a thing?  How do statements like these work grammatically?  I’m determined to find out.

I’m enjoying the assignment immensely, but that’s mostly because I get to watch things like this for school

For the paper, though, I’d love some public opinions about the usage of verbal hashtags.  Are they appropriate?  If so, when?  If not, why?  Let me know in the comments!  Opinions are deeply appreciated!