Baking disasters

Baking requires lots of ingredients.

Mix from a box plus water plus oil plus eggs equals a lovely yellow cake.

But, I learned the other day, that it takes more than simply mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and tossing the dough in the oven.

Other ingredients include patience, gentleness, and an acute sense of timing.

As you can see from the below picture, my roommate (and fellow blogger) Adi and I possessed the first set of ingredients, but lacked the second.


Patience?  Nope.  We didn’t let the cake cool long enough before decorating.

Gentleness?  Nope.  We butchered the thing while attempting frosting.

Acute sense of timing?  Well, we partially had that one.  The cake itself tasted great!

Yes, we more than kind of failed at our baking attempt.  But the important thing is that Katie, our roommate whose birthday we were celebrating, loved it.  The weirdness, as she told us later, made it so much better.

Have you ever had any baking disasters?  What were you making and what happened?