Weekend Coffee Share 8/27/17

If we were having coffee, I’d be curled up in a heavy sweater drinking lemon ginger tea.  I’ve been fighting off a cold for the past few days and, today, it took a turn for the worse.  You might not want to get too close.

It’s crazy that we’re in the final gasps of summer!  Where did the time go?

I missed the coffee share last weekend due to being out of town.  My mom and I attended a retreat with a church we’ve been attending recently.  In a lot of ways, the retreat was really awkward.  We only knew a few people and neither of us are good in large groups of people.  In other ways, though, it was a really great experience.  It was really nice to get away from home–the retreat was held at a camp by a lake, which was lovely.  They brought in a Bible scholar from a university in Chicago do lead the teaching.  He talked a lot about the original Hebrew version of the texts, which was fascinating!  Through forced group games and breakout sessions, I did get to know a few people.  And, this past week, one of their pastors texted me and invited me out for lunch!  I’m meeting up with her tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to.

Work this week was busy.  On Tuesday, I had a programming double-header, which was absolutely exhausting.  In the afternoon, I hosted a class on genealogy research, which was taught by some of my library colleagues.  It was a full group–every computer was taken.  Then, I had about an hour to turn the room around for this month’s Lego Club. Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share 8/12/17

If we were having coffee, we’d be meeting at my library.  I’d be sipping on a mocha with an extra shot of caffeine that I picked up on the way to work.  It’s a slow morning… I’ve been here over an hour and only five people have come and gone.  Thank goodness, you’re here to divert me!

It’s crazy that summer is almost over!  It always goes by way too quickly.  My August is turning out to be very busy.  Between weddings and out-of-town commitments, my weekends are almost all booked.  When I get off work today, I’m heading down to Rochester to spend the weekend with L’Abri friends.  I’ve wanted to visit them all summer, but haven’t had the chance until now.  Next weekend, I’m taking off work to go on a retreat with the church my family has been attending.

I’ve had multiple cousins get married this summer–one was last weekend.  Is it just me, or are family weddings the most awkward of them all?  I’m not close with my dad’s side of the family, so it’s always uncomfortable spending time with them.  I’m one of the youngest and was painfully shy as a child, which didn’t help forge good relationships with my cousins.  Despite that, the wedding was really nice, there was an open bar, and fantastic cake.  And I learned that some of my cousins (and their significant others) are actually pretty cool!  So that was a win. Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share 5/20/17

If we were having coffee, we’d be bundled up in sweaters with our mugs clutched closely to our chests.  It’s been rainy and cold this week–good for reading and sleeping, bad for all the farmers who have work to be done.  I had picked out a colorful spring outfit to wear to work this morning, but the moment I stepped out of bed my body was like, “NOPE.”  So it’s back to cozy sweaters.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me.

This afternoon, I’ll be getting coffee with a dear friend who recently returned from three months in England.  She stayed at the same ministry, L’Abri, that I did a year ago.  I’m excited to hear about her experience and gush about how much we miss it. Continue reading

Weekend Coffee Share: Another Summer Wedding

If we were having coffee, we’d be sitting in my house looking out at the sunlit world groggily making conversation.  I’ve been extremely lazy and apathetic this week, so most of the things on my To-Do list have gone undone.  In fact, I almost didn’t join the coffee share this week out of pure laziness.  But I made it and am glad to see you.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about the wedding I went to this weekend!  I’ve known the bride for four years.  We met when I stayed at her house while on day camp assignment during my first year as a camp counselor.  While there, I learned that she was going to be a freshman at my college.  A month later, my roommate and I started a Bible study and I invited her to come.  She did and, over the next few years, we became friends. We even co-lead the group during my final year of school. Continue reading

Bachelorette Party Crashing

When you work at home for your parents and have little to no social life, you generally don’t wake up on a Saturday morning thinking, “Today, I’m going to crash a bachelorette party.”  But the crazy/wonderful thing about life is that anything can happen.

The morning began as most do: With the alarm going off and making a disgruntled noise that kind of sounds like a dying cow.  (“Mmmmmmmrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh…”)  A cup of tea and bowl of cereal later, I was still groggy.  Despite this, I had places to go and people to see.

Actually, the only place I had to go was a wedding shower.  One of my from-the-cradle childhood friends is getting married at the end of the month and, because I didn’t get an invite to the ceremony and reception (they’re keeping things small), I wanted to make the shower.  I haven’t seen Steph in YEARS and knew my presence would mean a lot.

My mother (who invited herself along) and I arrived at the event fashionably late.  I found myself in a gorgeous house filled with older women I don’t know well and girls I grew up with.  In true post-grad fashion, everyone wanted to know what my future plans were.  (Which is awkward when I myself am still figuring out the answer.)  Still, it was good to see everyone.  There were several friends I haven’t seen in years, including my old babysitter who got married straight out of high school.  (Who had several stories to share about Child Amelia that were extremely entertaining.)

As the event wore on, though, I kept hearing little mentions of things going on after the shower was over.  “Did you bring something for Steph to wear?”, “When we’re at the restaurant…”, “I picked out something fun for us to do later…”  It was hard not to pick up on the comments, especially when they came from the girls my age.  At one point, my mom came up and whispered in my ear: “It looks like there’s stuff going on after the shower.  If you want to stay, I can pick you up later.”  Of course, at that point, I had no idea what the vague other plans were and didn’t know if I was invited.  To say all this made me uncomfortable would be a severe understatement.

I was ready to leave when one of my friends mentioned that, if I wanted to stay, she could drop me off on her way home.  Although I had hoped to spend a relaxing day reading, watching Game of Thrones, and getting ready for another week of blogging, I knew that this was my in and that I should take it.  So I said yes found myself unexpectedly attending my first-ever bachelorette party.

It was a fun afternoon, with all the quirky little bachelorette traditions.  We went to a local restaurant and Steph wore a cute dress with a Barbie pink “Bride to Be” sash, complete with a tiara and shawl.  Her sister-in-law had straws with big kissy lips and Batman themed edible necklaces.  We shared appetizers, entrée, and deserts while discussing future plans and pressing Steph about any pre-wedding jitters.

Next to the place we ate was a hotel and, after giving the lady at the counter $5, we had open access to their pool and spa area.  We milled about in the pool and hot-tub, splashing each other and playing variations of “Two Truths and a Lie”.  (A game I generally loathe, but have been forced into enough times to know how to grin and bear.)  We ended up being at the pool for the majority of the afternoon.  When I checked my phone to see if I had any “Where are you?” texts from my mother (there were none), I was shocked to see it was almost five o’clock.  The day had absolutely flown by.

It’s amazing what unexpected joys a day brings.  At the end of it, I’m exhausted from all the social interaction and small-talk (#introvert), but I’m so thankful for not only the chance to see old friends, but spend all day with them.  It was so fun to talk about all the childhood memories, sleepovers, church trips, and gush about our hopes for the future.  Most of all, it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate Steph share her excitement about taking on the adventures of marriage.

Who knows what kind of adventure I’ll land myself in next Saturday?